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Five Serious Mistakes to Avoid in Car Maintenance

Posted on 11 January 2018 by admin (0)

car maintenanceJust because your car is currently operating in good condition does not mean that it will not at one time need towing services. There is a common mistake car owners do: when you see it working well, you take it for granted. However, anything that has moving parts must be regularly taken care of because you probably won’t know when it will break down since it will happen without any notice. Let’s face it; the breakdown will most likely happen because of the ignorance of the driver. The following are five serious mistakes that you should avoid to maintain the good condition of your car.



Not changing your engine oil

It is always important to change the oil of your engine as recommended by your owner’s manual. Since every car is different, it is not advisable to entirely rely on the 3,000-mile rule. The effects of not changing your engine oil might range from reduced efficiency to total damage where the latter could demand a new engine. Besides, you will not be able to claim warranty validation if you never followed the seller’s instructions. Therefore, you can be forced to incur the ultimate costs.


Do not ignore your tire pressure

The car pressure should be checked approximately once per month. Alternatively, a pressure gauge will only cost you about $20. Driving on flat tires has so many disadvantages. First of all, your car cannot have the required balance. Secondly, the tires will wear out unevenly. Thirdly, it can take longer than normal for your car to stop once you apply the brakes. Excess pressure can also result in tire blowout, something that can considerably risk your safety.


Forgetting other car fluids

When we hear of car fluids, we sometimes mistake this for engine oil only. We forget that there are others like brake fluids, transmission fluids, coolants, among others. Each of them plays a significant role in keeping the vehicle in good condition. The owner’s manual has recommendations on how all of these fluids should be changed. If the schedules are ignored, serious problems such as wearing the parts due to increased friction. This can cost you service money that could be avoided through relatively cheaper fluid replacements.


Ignoring warning lights

There is a reason they are called warning lights: they caution you about a particular problem in your car that probably needs immediate attention. For example, when your Check Engine Light turns on and remains so for some time, you should act as soon as possible. Visit a mechanic immediately. It will cost you less money to prevent a serious problem than having to buy a new engine.


Visiting unqualified mechanics

This is one common yet serious mistake that car owners make. There are several reasons why people visit unqualified mechanics. First of all, the lack of adequate research and referrals could lead you to just any other self-proclaimed mechanic. Secondly, if you think more about the costs than the service, you might end up choosing a cheap yet poor mechanic. The ultimate consequences might be the total damage to your car.