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Safety Tips While you Wait for the Tow Truck to Arrive

Posted on 24 November 2017 by admin (0)

Whether you’ve been driving for the past one decade or you just bought your vehicle the other day, one of the things you need to know is that there are times when you have to depend on a towing service. A car is not only an investment but also an important asset when it comes to your everyday activities. While we always take our vehicles for servicing and maintenance, they can still break down or get involved in traffic accidents. It could be a flat tire, a traffic accident, a faulty engine or any other car problem that could leave you stranded by the roadside.

After doing your research and contacting a professional towing service, it’s important that you ensure the safety of your family and vehicle. Note that you’re not on the highway alone since there are countless other vehicles and people nearby. No matter where your vehicle breaks down, there’s a sense of vulnerability, and you need to stay safe. Here are tips to help you stay safe even as you wait for a tow truck.

Make Sure your Vehicle is parked in a Safe Spot

Well, this will depend on the situation at hand. While it might be almost impossible to get your vehicle to a safe spot, it’s crucial that you move it from the oncoming traffic. We mentioned that there are other vehicles on the road and your fellow drivers need visibility as they drive. If possible, move your vehicle. If it isn’t possible to move it, consider switching your hazard lights on. Also, remember to use flares or cones to warn other vehicles and drivers of the circumstances around you and the potential danger ahead.

Consider Staying Inside your Car on a Busy Highway

Understand that your vehicle can break down anytime and anywhere. In most cases, your vehicle won’t give you notice that it’s going to break down. Neither will you know that you’ll be involved in a traffic accident or collision. These are things that happen when least expected. If it’s a car problem, stay with your family inside the vehicle. It’s extremely dangerous to stand or walk around your vehicle on a busy highway. Remember to run your hazard lights so other drivers can know the potential danger ahead.

Let your Towing Service inform you about their Identification details

One of the things you must ask when contacting your towing service is their identification details which might include the truck’s license plate and the driver’s name. This information will help you know when the truck arrives. Make sure you’ve verified this information before letting them tow your vehicle. It’s one of the ways you can protect yourself from companies that wait to scam or extort money from stranded drivers on the road. If they can’t give you their identification details, don’t let them do anything or even contact the police.

Keep your Loved ones Entertained

Well, this applies when your vehicle breaks down when you have your family on board. You don’t want to let your family get scared and afraid of the situation. Getting them entertained and ensuring that they remain active and amused will help deal with the worry and fears they could have. Whether you choose to play some games, read magazines, or listen to some cool music, ensure you do something that will help deal with the negative situation.